Welcome to our dream. Collectively, our management team has over
a century of experience in flight operations, international business,
and global luxury travel. Zetta Jet was forged from our passions,
our aspirations, and our personalities.

Over the years, we have seen a steady decline in the service levels
of private flight. We’ve seen large corporations commoditizing travel
experiences, watched private flight lose its exclusive cache, and seen
charter companies operate like taxi services. Our goal is to fly
in the face of these trends by creating unique guest experiences
and offering only the absolute best in service and amenities
that the world has to offer.

We at Zetta Jet are dedicated to putting the luxury back
into private travel, to personalizing private flight again.


It’s about time.


  • Aaron Cummings
    Sales Manager

  • Carlos Dias
    Operations Manager Asia

  • Eric Rastler
    Chief Pilot

  • Joe Ponce
    Director of Maintenance

  • Justin Carwile
    Operations Manager USA

  • William Bartholomae
    Safety Manager


Committed to Safety.

Our staff and crew are committed to continuous education and re-certification
by all relevant safety and regulatory bodies worldwide. We are dedicated
to upholding our history of excellence in all areas related to safety,
security and privacy. Our impeccable track record speaks for itself.