Redefining The World of Luxury Private Flight
Zetta Jet combines the very best in talent, facilities and technology to deliver a revolutionary flight experience.
What's Your Timeline?
We understand that time is your greatest asset. At every step we reclaim precious minutes and hours, extending the reach of your day.
1 July, 9:30AM
New York
Business Meeting
2 July, 7:30AM
Ballet at Royal Opera House
4 July, 3:30AM
London - Tokyo
Meeting Onboard
5 - 10 July
Tokyo Disneyland with the Family
11 July, 9:30AM
Meeting Investors
12 - 13 July
Visiting SEA Office
Pure Indulgence
From start to finish, the Zetta Jet experience is like no other. We have scoured the world to bring you the very finest in luxury amenities, intended to delight you at every turn.
The Zetta Fleet
Our fleet of aircraft is capable of flying the longest routes, have the most advanced navigational instruments, and a host of features and amenities to deliver the ultimate private jet experience.
Fly With Us
We can accommodate your travel needs with both charter and block hour rates.