Zetta Jet Adds MedAire Leading Travel Risk Management Solutions

Zetta Jet Adds MedAire Leading Travel Risk Management Solutions


  • Travel safety services now part of VIP service offerings

MedAire and Zetta Jet announce an extension of their agreement to provide best-in-class safety and risk management services for the growing Zetta Jet fleet. MedAire, the International SOS Company specialising in aviation specific travel risk management solutions, now provides medical and security services to Zetta Jet, the fast-growing luxury jet operator based in Singapore, to align with Zetta Jet’s promise to deliver the ultimate in bespoke luxury experiences to an elite ultra-high net-worth clientele.

The Zetta Jet fleet uses MedAire’s leading integrated travel safety solution; of 24/7 medical, security and travel safety assistance in flight and at destination, Advanced Aviation Medical Kits and equipment, as well as crew medical training to ensure the best possible standard of care for passengers and crew when medical or security events occur during  travel.

Geoffery Cassidy Managing Director for Zetta Jet said “In our ever-changing world our customers should be confident when travelling with us, knowing they are cared for in our planned operations, as much as during unforeseen events. This partnership with MedAire provides our clients with the best possible medical, security and safety solutions for business aviation, affording our customers reassurance that, no matter the circumstances, our goal is always to provide the best possible care for their safety and wellbeing.”

Zetta Jet is leading the industry in providing world-class services, including integrating our leading safety and travel risk solutions to ensure total passenger, owner and crew safety for whatever may happen, wherever they travel,” said Bill Dolny, CEO of MedAire. “We value their partnership and commitment to client safety, as well as to our company.”

MedAire provides travel risk management solutions for aircraft manufacturers, charter management companies, corporations and the individual owner/operators including 75 of Fortune’s Top 100 companies. For more information about MedAire’s travel safety and risk mitigation services, visit MedAire at the 2017 ABACE Booth P515.

About Zetta Jet
The world’s first truly personalized private airline, Zetta Jet promises to deliver the ultimate in bespoke luxury experiences to a discerning clientele with its unique experience that combines the dedicated Asian service philosophy with the flexibility and ‘can-do’ spirit of the U.S., adorned with the glamour of Europe’s enduring chic on its Bombardier  fleet with ultra-long range intercontinental capabilities across the Pacific Rim.

Headquartered in Singapore, Zetta Jet is a FAA certificated air carrier and the first only part 135 operator authorized to conduct Polar flights, enabling Zetta Jet to optimize routes without limitation. With strong operational capabilities and established offices both in Los Angeles and Singapore, Zetta Jet also leverages an established network of sales and support offices in New York, London, San José, Harbin and Singapore.

Experience luxury travel like never before with Zetta Jet. It’s about time.

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