It’s About Time

With Zetta Jet, you are a time traveler.
We have gained mastery over the perpetual ticking of the clock. Allow us to propel you into the future when you need to be there faster and to slow down the pendulum’s swing when leisure calls.
What's your timeline?
Whether you need a last minute weekend getaway to Monaco, or quarterly site visits to your factory in Shenzhen, we’ll build an exclusive custom schedule to meet your travel desires.
1 July, 10:00PM
Los Angeles
Business Meeting
Weekend 2-3 July
Sailing with kids
4 July, 7:30AM
Hawaii - LA
Lunch meeting on board
4 July, 8:30PM
Los Angeles
5 July, 9:30PM
LA - London
9.5 hour flight
6 July, 10:00AM
Meeting Investors
6 July, 7:30PM
Visiting SEA Office
We understand that time is your greatest asset.

At every step we reclaim precious minutes and hours, extending the reach of your day.

We can have you in the air within four hours of booking, sidestepping set schedules and lengthy check-ins. As our light jets whisk you faster towards your destination, our in-flight facilities allow you to be at your productive best. Take calls, handle emails or even head meetings in-flight, saving you time on the ground.

Experience Zetta Jet
Zetta Jet promises to deliver the bespoke luxury experiences to a discerning clientele with its unique experience.
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